The first social network with true social impact

What it's all about?

Social network for those who care

We bring together people who have a profession or a certain skill and knowledge and ready to share them in a new way and anyone who wants to help to provide this supplementary education to people who need it more than others: refugees, orphan children all over the world.

You decide how to make the world better

You're welcome to join the network, if: 

- you have any talent, a profession or a skill and wish to teach your knowledge with a clear social impact

- you want to help local orphan children or refugees to get some new skills or professions

- you want to get additional or even main source of income from activity with the real positive social footprint

- you want to make conscious donation 

- you just want a good karma

Let's start changing the world together!

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Espoo, Uusimaa, Finland